Kiyomi V-3-

2013-01-26 14:49:26 by loonieboy

Kiyomi Final Version -3- is complete.... its not going to be the last time we see her ! :D

Kiyomi Complete

2013-01-16 21:31:42 by loonieboy

A Job well done !

Enter ! Kiyomi

2013-01-13 16:40:30 by loonieboy

I've been working and studying very hard and I am proud to announce my first Original character , Kiyomi , is coming to Newgrounds !

Enter !  Kiyomi

My First AMV ! + Question

2013-01-10 20:39:03 by loonieboy

I made my first AMV ! Took about 3 hours. Naruto Vs. Pain & Sasuke Vs. Itachi ! Song: Carry On By: Avenged Sevenfold

Videos like this cant be submitted to NG ? Please Answer


2012-12-16 01:17:28 by loonieboy

Any tips for me? Im studying to be a game developer and lateley i have been trying to do digital art (not going well) .... I was using Photoshop at first but then Hurricane Sandy basically killed my computer :( Now im using GIMP -That free one-